Why print business cards yearly? Why worried about career path? How accessible is your cv? Portfolio? LinkedIn?

Every Second,
Every Connection,

Be outstanding and this with every time you show your card, present your CV resume, share your portfolio.
In today’s age, nobody likes old fashion paper business cards anymore or an unarticulated profile. Create an experience for everyone you meet.

Show Stronger Impressions
Whereever, Whenever

No App Needed

QR & NFC Technology

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OyaWork is a service company focused on employees, professionals, and workforce integration in digital networking, performance acceleration and career development.
We specialize in providing 360 solution, digital business cards, CV Rebranding, High Performance programs with on-line assessment tools, customized workshop, employee benefit plans and relief programs to help your C-level management, managerial staff and all other employee become high performers.
Buy the OyaWork Connect Card from our store and have it delivered to you.
Tap your card on a phone and share your contact information. For older phones open the Camera and scan the QR code.

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