We believe in digital
representation at all levels

We provide a platform that unifies your professional tools for ease of access to you and the world.

About Us

OyaWork is a service company focused on employees, professionals, and workforce integration in digital networking, performance acceleration and career development.

We specialize in providing 360 solution, digital business cards, CV Rebranding, High Performance programs with on-line assessment tools, customized workshop, employee benefit plans and relief programs to help your C-level management, managerial staff and all other employee become high performers.


In a nutshell, it is our desire to help. Presentation, Impression, Relationship are great pillars. Each year, about 9 billion traditional business cards are printed around the world, 82 of which are thrown away within 3-5 days.

Qualified job or admission candidate loose the opportunity through a poorly structured CV Resume or professional portfolio and sometimes swift accessibility to these documents for sending creates a barrier.
Not to relate to employee lack of productivity due to inavaibility of necessary professional applications to enhance mentality and result-based performance.

Our Goal

We aim to provide service to the forward outcome of every worker and professionals. Our digital services empowers professionals and employees as follows:
★ Better business connections with the OyaWork Connect Card
★ Great impression on application with our CV Revamp experts
★ Comfortable Feeding with the OyaWork Life Card
★ Personal Transformation with the OyaWork Relief Program as well as a few more.

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of the paper business cards have been thrown away within a week


trees are cut every year to produce 100 bln. paper business cards in the world


of the first point of contact happens online today making paper business cards obsolete