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Our business group consists of network digitalization, CV writing arm, outplacement arm, and . By being plugged in at every stage of the professional development cycle, we’ve developed a deep understanding of the entire professional journey.

For Individuals

For individuals such as Entreprenuers, Freelancers, and Independent professionals, we have service worthy solutions tailored for you

For Enterprises

We partner with organizations and entreprises to create a super workforce synergy to enhance their productivity and performance within work environment.

Service for All

Digital Business Card

Your identity is what sets you apart. Use OyaWork Connect Card to showcase a fuller and more impressive picture of who you are—beyond your job title—for a more meaningful interaction.

Designed with your logo, colors, fonts, and branding. Work with our designers and get access to all functions and features. Both the front and the back are customizable.

Service for Job Seekers

CV Writing

When you work with us, your CV is handled by a CV Writing Expert and specialist in your field, and we do more than just rewrite your CV.

We provide you with a Complete Job Search toolkit, including career positioning, application guidance, and email templates.

Career Assessment

Career assessments are tools that are designed to help individuals understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., data values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments.

Relief Program

OyaWork’s acknowledge workers mental health needs to be addressed whether they are work-related or not. Along with physical factors like diet, that permeates the line between personal and work life, mental instability caused by personal factors affect occupational performance.

To truly assist workers, we company offer comprehensive mental support and referrals.
Programs are designed to offer an array of services, assessments, and resources that take advantage of recent technological communication advancements.

Staff Comfort Plan

We provide organizations with a system to manage digital vouchers for meals, gifts, entertainment, travel and groceries. We help to ensure that employees get a wholesome and nutritious meal every day.

80% of blue collared workers who are not provided with lunch by the employer will skip lunch at least twice a week, because they cannot afford it. 80% of blue collared workers who are not provided with lunch by the employer will skip lunch at least twice a week, because they cannot afford it.


We help businesses recruit amazing employees, using our suite of proprietary assessment tests to uncover top talents, hidden in pockets across the world.

Need help with international labour contracts? Structuring incentives schemes? Team management software? We’ll guide you to the best vendors.

Why work with us?

We’re a CV writing company staffed by HR Veterans. More than that, we’re also active recruiters (with both a recruiting arm and an outplacement arm).

By being on both sides of the market (recruiting and CV writing), we’re plugged in completely to the pulse of the industry.

This is what allows us to write CVs that consistently get our clients more interviews, and

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